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Database online test

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  • Redis MCQ Online Test
  • Phpmyadmin MCQ Questions
  • PostgreSQL MCQ Online Test

Database is one of the important key parts in software development, without a database we can not do anything in software.

It is designed for storing data for future used. But in IT sector we will see many kind of database that are being used to develop an application like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLlite, MongoDB, Microsoft Access, Redis DB, Maria DB, Cassandra, CouchDB, PouchDB, etc..

Here studyonlinetest portal provides all kinds of database questions MCQ online tests for free of cost for IT Employees. All the questions are mixed with Realtime Questions And Fundamental Questions, which helps you to get good marks one your technical round or exams. Here we have listed more than 500+ Questions for students who are preparing for competitive exams or applying for IT jobs.

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